Space and Materiality Assignment #2: Video Reflection

August 30, 2017

Space and Materiality Video Reflection

CRN 5362 C09

I found the first video very interesting to me since I have a particular passion of nature and incorporating nature into design. The ideas he presented by looking at the smallest things like proteins and the building blocks of life to inspire designs for our use is brilliant. Nature evolves, heals and grows itself- something we do manually as humans. The second video caught my attentions when the women said “design for a better life”. Since finishing a memory project in High School where I was given a Tanzanian orphan’s portrait to watercolor and send back to him. Working for weeks consecutively on Thomas’s (the orphans) face, forced me to realize the impact art can have on another persons life. Art is more than just paint or drawing or a chair design- it can change the world.

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