Space and Materiality Assignment #12: Video Reflections

First Video:

The biggest theme of the first video is taking control of the body and transforming it into a fantasy and over coming a disability. It was amazing to see the personalized fashion and designed prothsetics. The idea to make something that is usually seen as a weakness into something powerful, sexy and incredible. It inspired me to think how I can use fashion and architecture can be used in more than just clothing.

Second Video:

This talk was the most eye-opening one for me. I had no idea that color could be perceived in sound to a specific note. Having played french horn for 8 years it made me think about how I could possibly use this idea in my future designs by incorporating sound into fashion. Also the idea that you could extend your senses and go beyond what the regular human can see.

Third Video:

I really liked this video especially how she used texture as fashion. Personally I am interested in making designs with 3D sculptural designs- designers like Iris Van Herpen and Alexander McQueen when he waS alive. The idea fashion can be art, not boring designs we see walk down runways every season. It inspired me to think even further with how I can make fashion- using unconventional materials and open abstract concepts paying to every detail.

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