Space and Materiality Assignment #15: Ted Talks

William McDonough:

What really stood out to me in this video was the concept of how there is no end game and we have to switch our thinking that it is an infinite game. This challenges the intentions of our species and how we direct our energy into as a society. He also talked about how designers need to take into account everyone when making a product. Even using infinite amounts of innovative and sustainable materials to make things like cars, shoes, and buildings. Think about the future in a sense of bettering our society in all aspects.


Alex Steffen:

This talk mainly focused on the idea of increasing the integration of biology in the design industry. This integration will help shape smarter cities and help fix global issues. He stressed the importance of technology and how it is critical for the increase of collaboration between people across all platforms. Thinking creatively about the world around you is key to finding solutions for energy, clean water, pollution, poverty, etc.  


Suzanne Lee:

Being a fashion major this talk taught me that I can really push the boundaries in what materials are considered fabric. The material you use can even help push the design concept even further. It was interesting to see the process of making the kombucha fabric (especially because I like kombucha). Thinking sustainable for fashion is extremely important with today’s doomed potential circumstances. In all senses pushing the boundaries of what is possible is what will fuel the fixes to our mistakes.  

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