Space and Materiality Assignment #15: Design Talks

Tim Brown:


It was surprising to me how many inventions like the suspension bridge came out of England. He also talked about how designers push their ideas based off of other successful ones and how design thinking can resolve multiple ideas/ problems. Using the problems of everyday things and fixing the issue through design is exactly that. The faster you make the product and begin to test it is the best way to receive feedback on what prototype will be the best for the given situation.  Design is switching from making products to making products with meaning and participation between design and the consumer.


Janine Benyus:


Biomimicry is very important to innovate designs and create new products for today. We need to mimic the natural world that has allowed them to be on this planet for millions of years- compared to human life. Asking how nature would solve problems can help create solutions in our own lives. Our own biology can help push designs to help issues of climate change and reusable materials for design.  


Other 90%:

Water straws in developing countries are saving people’s lives. Non-profit companies are designing cost- effective ways to increasing health, food, water, etc all around the globe. Affordability is the key component to these organizations in making their products, Helping solve real world issues with the right design can be cost effective and help the people (other 90%) who do not have access to most daily components of normal life.  

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