Studio Printed Matter Reflection

The whole experience at printed matter was completely different than what I was expecting when I heard about the assignment. When I went in the store, I already fell in love with the books that I began to go through. I found amazing art and creative compositions for books and illustrations I did not think of before. I really liked the last book I found which consisted of images of either rooms or sculptures with the typical binocular red-blue vision. Even when you look at the images without the glasses the images are extremely cool and I actually first viewed the photos without the glasses. The next book I rally enjoyed was this little flip book that had no words and told a cohesive story front to back. I loved the use of color and the mixed textures throughout the mini book. The next book I thought was interesting because it was only composed of different letter “A’s”. I only left really attracted to this specific book because my name starts with a and I loved the style of photography. Im also a big fan of black and white photography so I was instantly engaged in this book. I wouldve bought the book if I had the money too (maybe in the future). Overall I really love printed matter and would go again for fun and to find inspiration.


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