Sustainable Systems Circle Line Reflection




The First Speaker I thought did the best job in the end of making the importance of this trip relevant. Like she said we are the water, air, heat, and earth that makes up the planet. The other speaker that I liked was the last one with the poop poem. Not only was it entertaining but also a good recap of the trip to help us as designers to know our importance in the world and to design a better future.


The first obvious pollutant are the boats that run in the nyc water. The second pollutants that were striking to me was the amount of trash living in and near the water. It makes the outskirts of nyc look ugly and really emphasizes the extent of pollution in new york. The factories that also lined the water line was shocking to me since that is the closest place were the waste would go and from the learning we’ve done about water in class made me question a lot of building locations in new york.

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