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Project 1: Make a 3D collage related to time and create a 2D image. This image explores the idea of time through smoking- the act of it and the progression of the activity. The time it takes to smoke a cigarette versus smoking an electronic device where the time is almost limitless.


Intensive Group Video. Subject- Aging. This videos’ purpose is to give the viewer the inner experience of aging- the body breaking down, being uncomfortable, confused, etc.

Image/ Drawing response to 2001.

Final Video. Subject- Doomsday Clock.




My video concept explores what one would do with the knowledge of an apocalyptic future from a doomsday situation. The character I will play will be a survivor of the nuclear or natural disaster that hits NYC. The video will explore human actions that have caused the downfall of humanity- greed, money, power, pollution. This video will also show humans internal strength to survive and battle isolation and fear within a confined space. Throughout the video, the characters mental state will be studied with a lack of dialogue.  The will the humankind’s tenacity to survive but also human needs to have t more than they have.


I researched   steps to take during a  global emergency and the knowledge  needed to survive. There is more to know than having a place to stay and some food and water- air and weather patterns, risk of the environment, and mental states that affect survival abilities. “Fortunately for all living things, the danger from fallout radiation lessens with time..” (Kearny 12). New to my knowledge, it is possible to survive from the high exposure of radiation after the initial impact. This means not all life will die, and could possibly live on after a doomsday. “If the danger is unexpected or great enough, normal persons sometimes experience terror as well as fear. Terror prevents the mind from evaluating dangers and thinking logically” (Kearny Chapter 2). This information will be key in my characters’ personality traits- staying calm and focused is the key to living. Deep breathing/ meditation will be a key component in the storyline while the chaos unravels. “Highest-risk areas are those with buildings…as we will be explained later, to survive in such areas people would have to stay inside very good shelters for several weeks” (Kearny Chapter 3). With this, most of the video will take place where the main character will reside. To keep survival longer, the character will spend the time from the hit until the end inside, alone.   

Some footage will be used from movies and other clips from people around the world experiencing life threatening disasters. The materials I need are costumes, survival props, fake blood/ makeup and hair, lighting- dim with candles, etc. For location I will film running scenes by the hudson and in central park. The inside/ shelter scenes will be inside my dorm and decorated accordingly to make the aesthetic and period of the video.  





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