History of Fashion Lecture/ Recitation Final Paper Topic

  1. Date: around 1948. Photographed : 1988 at mothers wedding
  2. My mothers moms wedding dress which was designed for her because she was a runway model. This dress was custom for her wedding and all of her daughters wore them for their weddings.
  3. The seams/ lines of the dress are flattering to the hips and the neck line is very interesting for the time.

  1. Date: around 1992 at my mothers second wedding
  2. The choice is fabric is interesting and the shape. This is worn by my fathers sister at his wedding to my mother.
  3. I am interested in texture and materiality and the choice of velvet and this color combined with the style.

  1. Date: 1986
  2. Worn for my cousin Brians’ christening. My mother is standing with two of her sisters, mother and aunt.
  3. I am particularly interested in my mothers dress- far right and her aunts dress- the fur coat and hat.

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