Illustrator design


At first I was following my sketch exactly as it was, but, as I began to explore Illustrator I slightly changed my garment. It now had one sleeve made out of red Chinese lanterns. As for the other one, it is completely opposite, it is slim fit and has a lantern at the end of it. Furthermore, it has the green dragon with yellow spikes which wraps the model and appears in the shoulder. Finally a red lantern in the head as an accessory that can also be seen as an object to orientate big group of people during transportation to avoid getting lost.

( This was how I began to sketch my ideas into Illustrator)



As I began to build my garment it was really hard for me to create the long sleeve out of plastic bags. Because of this I decided to return to my original design. This piece not only protects you and provides personal space for crowded areas but is also has the capacity of shrinking the sleeves when not needed.

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