Urban Adaptation: Alphabet

I made an alphabet out of various materials to represent the word enclose. The first image that appeared in my mind was a cage. I knew right off the bat that I had to create the illusion of a cage trapping the letter inside. My journey to finding these materials was quite interesting. After several attempts of scouring through stores in my 40 minute break, I ended up at the dollar store. I searched the aisles until I encountered the cat poop scoopers. I thought that was perfect. I grabbed about six along with several chain necklaces. When I came back I realized I only needed one poop scoopers and was quite disappointed that I spent too much money on them (they were useful in the long run)! I started off by cutting the surrounding edges of the poop scooper to have the cage like feature truly visible. After doing so, I started adding chains on top but realized this wouldn’t work. I then cut out an oval in the “cage” to make the letters really pop. This worked out perfectly and remained with this idea until I reached the letter Z. After completing the physical aspect of this project, I then put in the images in to Adobe Illustrator. I image traced each letter, then expanded on the grey scale. To make things easier, I quickly clicked on Select and Same to get rid of the same fill color to only have one color appear for the letter. However, I first needed to brighten up the image because it was too dim to make things easier in Illustrator. It took some experimenting, but ultimately it worked out and I got a really cool alphabet out it. 

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