Urban Adaptation

This garment illustration went through several ideas before finally reaching a more concrete concept. I started off just thinking what I could possibly create with the little information I knew about his project initially. Just with a vague idea in mind about what this project is about I started thinking just about the general idea of what shelter means to different people. I originally thought that I could possibly create a piece that resembles all the social classes and how their perspective on shelter shifts. However, when I learned more about the project I realized it has to contain elements of chinatown within the design. This made me scrap my previous idea and think of something new. I then started to drift away from what shelter most regularly associates with, which is home. I started to think of how certain objects are there purposefully to protect humans. 

It was a really sunny day in Chinatown, and in asian culture parasols are quite commonly used to protect against UV rays. Although this was not commonly seen on the street of the New York Chinatown, the locals still opened up their rain umbrellas to serve for the same purpose. Then I realized this could definitely be the main focus of the garment. 

Then the challenge emerged: how could I incorporate the word “enclose” from my typeface project into this project? Earlier we went to The Met, where we saw the Rei Kawakubo exhibition of her collection. What really intrigued me was her title usage for her pieces. They were all made up of contradictory words to showcase one piece of design. I was inspired by this and thought why not do something similar. Back in Chinatown, I noticed the abundance of fire escape ladders on the outside of the buildings. Although these are common in many large cities, I particularly found them to be more of in this section of New York City. Regardless, it caught my attention. While making my typeface, I used a cage to surround my letters, so I thought that the escape looked similar to that cage shape. So I came up with the contradictory concept “Enclose/Escape”. The escape or enclosed (left for interpretation) will be placed in between the parasol skirt in the final garment. Through this process I was able to reassure my doubt and come up with something interesting. 

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