Creating from an Interview

Darline described herself as a walking disaster due to clumsyness. Darline is also an april birthday, where her symbolic flower is a Sweet Pea. Ironic because darline is very sweet.

to combie being sweet and also A “Walking disaster” i made icecream turn into a tornado, then back to icecream, and so on.

Darline Interview questions and answers


If you were a flower what would you be: sweet pea


If you were an animal: wolf


Insect: lady bug


If you were a subject in nature: fire and tornado because walking disaster due to clumsiness. Everything she touches dies or falls

Goldfish pet died in one day

25 rabbits have died

plants die


Your biggest fear: loud noises like movie music and such


Your greatest personality aspect; let feelings go after a little. Explode in the moment.


Your favorite color; red shades


Favorite food; fried chicken


Typical mood; go w the flow


April 1st bday aries


If u were in American horror story season one who would u be. Devil child at the end that killed the nanny bc he didn’t know he was killing people


Darla from finding nemo


If a Movie genre: comedy mystery from the 80’s


Put images in sketchbook. What visual do I get from this story

Next: synopsis of int, question ans wquestion ans

Rough idea doc in sketch of where to go visual. Bring materials to class.

Various forms of flip books


Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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