Collaboration fosters creativity. I used to think working in a group will not allow me to use my creativity to the best of its ability because people have very different artistic styles. What I didn’t realize is working in a group can make your project more creative. It’s like taking pieces from a new puzzle to make your puzzle more interesting. What it means to foster creativity is that creativity expands and is held within a group and grows in that group.


People can increase creativity. There’s always a way you can look at something differently. Creativity can be taught to someone. There’s always a way someone else can look at things differently from you and make your idea expand more and increase more as well.


The current project I am working on forced me to be creative in a new way, I had to think of not only concept and the form, but the viewer and user and the way they see life and items. How will this make a point in people’s minds? Will people understand the overall concept? Who will understand the concept? Will they take this serious?


To create something enduring means to create something that gives a purpose or opinion in someone. It is not just material. It gives a statement.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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