Rets West

There are many ways in telling a story of Rets West.

Rets West: you can say that this is a reflection of great community.

Where people come together to make the place better.

A place where vendors come and go, festivals come and go.

The between cracks are full of smiles and café’s are full every weekend.

It leaves an image in your head and heart.

Where the sidewalk slants a little but you can still walk

Where life is about partying and having fun.

Teenagers wander about, young kids doing the same.

Rets West secret lies running about unnoticed.

Freedom away from their parents, living in rooftops.

Drug deals abrupt into murders

Yet we forget their name

Where lives are investigated under the rooftops of neighbors

No one says a word

You see the thing that possesses the people is the box in their home that doesn’t speak up.

The appearance of the day versus night.

Where it appears to have desire but no one sees it was lost long ago.


Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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