Veil the Trail

We chose our form based on the concept. Our concept is the idea of our government and media covering up the Earth’s pollution by avoiding the debate of climate change and mass pollution worldwide as well as covering up massive trash deposits with grass without solving the root of the issue.  We chose the form to present the government’s veil over pollution making it hidden from society.

The veil is symbolic of purity which has been socially ingrained to be beautiful and untouched, yet by adding trash beneath it, we show how the once pure object is now rotting, yet still having the illusion of beauty on the outside. Our Goal for this project is to make a statement presenting that no matter how big of a veil covering trash, trash is still there and seeping through the false reality that media creates.

Process supported our outcome because our materials created the concept and forms. The process also created the form based on which materials were available, allowing the glue seeping through the fabric to symbolize that no matter how much they try to cover it, it is reaching a point where the secret can no longer be contained, further adding to the concept of our piece.

Working as a group i found it very easy to be creative. A group could have been hard. Working schedules out between art students with different lives. Having more creative minds to expand on my first idea or my mind being able to expand their first idea really allowed this piece to succeed.


Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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