A Series of Serious Advertisements

A Series of Serious Advertisements


Fashion and style can depict someone of who they are. A friend of mine, Coya Campbell once said “I love shopping and wearing different clothes because it’s like a change of personality”.  Playing off that, I chose shoes to depict fashions ever-changing moods and for giving us different feelings of comfort while wearing them. Shoes being so intimate, they give you the set for your day.

Who are you when you wear a Nike sneaker, Aldo heels, or Hunter rain boots? What does the seller and brand want you to think of yourself while wearing them? Do they want you to wear them for something specific?

I came to my senses of what Nike, Aldo, and Hunter want you to feel while wearing their shoes, how they want you to wear them, and who they want you to be when you are in them. But what really happens when you wear them? Who really are you inside of them?

I chose to depict opposition of who these companies want us to be. I did so in the form of a false advertisement. From the process of doing this, I then put the false advertisement on something or somewhere the company wouldn’t choose to put it.

Serious Advertisement.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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