This is not an experience

Society labels reproduced, altered, and redesigned photos and prints “Art”. Society is also capable of changing the form of famous paintings or designs by recreating them in bag or shirt form. You will see people sell and buy remade works in stores like IKEA. Depending on the way you look at something, mass production and recreation can or can-not appear as art. Humans do things similar to this each day whether we notice or not. Real art is meant to be seen in person in the original form. There is a difference between looking and seeing. Magritte’s La Trahison des imag forces us to consider our own reactions to his paintings representation of a pipe. That an image is not the same thing as a pipe itself. We keep things like concert tickets and post cards as momentums. We frame them and hang them on the wall like treasured art items. We look at the item as if that was the experience. Real art is the person, place, or thing we experienced in real life, not what we took home with us from the experience.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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