project deconstruction

This book is taking an image and picking specific colors out of it. then using those colors and those colors only to create a pattern in fabric that is stitched together. the colors in this particular book is green and pink.

the photos were taken on the streets of new york city. then they were printed wallet size and glued into a book, one every two pages.

the artist took green and pink fabric and cut out the shape of each green and pink section appearing in the photo. basically mocking the green and pink in the photo by creating it i a second form of media being fabric.

i think the artist created this project to show that things can be recreated in a secondary media. also to prove that what is infront of our eyes can be used as a pattern in a new media form.

this book has a humorous flair to it also it is very small allowing the reader to connect with it on a personal level.


Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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