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Formal Elements & Principles: Identity

Image One

American Gothic by Grant Wood. Located at the Art Institute of Chigago.

I chose this because of the themes Heritage of the house and Emotion in the face. This relates the image to identity.

The photo marked up using Photoshop to single out the formal aspects (elements & principles of art/design).

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Image two

Drowning Girl (1963) Roy Lichenstein. Located at the MOMA

I chose this because Lichenstein created this to show the emotion of the girl. leading this to the topic of identity. that she is drowning in sadness.

This is my edit on the Elements of art.

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Image Three


Banksy brands themself in their work they produce by keeping them all similar in style of graffiti. this particular piece has to di with emotion. I found it funny that the image is speaking about someone not recieving like coments or chats on social media. something most people look at as their identity.


This is my edit on the Elements of art.

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Image Four

Michael Moebius – Audrey “Tiffany Blue” Bubblegum\

This Painting is giving Audrey a personhood feeling being the only woman in the photo. Many celebrities take photos like these. it used to be a way to give off an “i dont care” vibe.

Michael Moebius – Audrey “Tiffany Blue” Bubblegum

My Edit of Art Elements

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Image Five

The Lovers, 1928 by Rene Magritte

I chose this to depict Identity because the genders are slightly anonymous.

This is my art element edit

Additional Research

Les Amants- The Lovers (Legend associates these obscured images with his mother’s suicide)


Image Six

Image six is a photo i took of my room. I consider this identity because there are many things i brought with me as an example of my heritage. it also shows myself as an individual living alone.

This is my edit of my photo

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Image Seven

“My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree)”—In this family tree, painted in 1936, Kahlo pays homage to her European and Jewish heritage. On the right is her German-born Jewish father and his parents, and on the left her Mexican mother and her parents.

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This is my edit

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Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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  1. piskg068 · January 29, 2018 Reply

    What if this was only a sound recording? How would it make people feel?

    What if there was a boy instead of a girl in this image? Would it be less effective?

    What if this was a performance? Would it be more memorable?

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