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What is Barnes and Noble?

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Each person MUST upload the following to their own Learning Portfolio:

  • Copy of Individual Site Investigation Notes AND Documentation from Team Site Investigation
  • At least one photograph of “message” you have been assigned to decode
  • Copy of your Individual “Message” Analysis (1-2 pages, double spaced, 12-pt font)


The third message we chose is that Barnes and Noble forcefully advertises troubling story  lines to teenagers. Some of the troubling books dealt with depression, school shootings, and other mental illnesses, and uses pitiful teen stories as marketing tools.  Barnes and Noble works to make troubling books as relevant to the teens as possible,  even if it isn’t beneficial to the teens. These appealing books in the teen section are eye grabbing in their visual theatrics and their relatable titles. “Outcasts, misfits” is located under the story called The Lost Causes. After you buy one book about depression, suicide, or other sad stories, Barnes and Noble continues to point you towards more books along that plot line. Barnes and Noble points teens towards more troubling books in a variety of ways first and foremost the surrounding books, many of which also focus on troubling story lines. They also take more direct means to suggest books including staff suggesting similar books to the ones they see you checking out and listing suggestions on the receipt. So once a teen checks out one book that could be troubling, they are bombarded with a supply of other troubling books. This message is important to understand because it shows the true intentions of the store as a business. It reveals to the customer that nothing in the store is placed randomly, but placed intentionally in order to get a customer to spend.


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