20 questions

Once you have collected your 36 images for your taxonomy, pick the 20 most interesting images and ask 1 question about each one. That will be a total of 20 questions posted on your LP and submitted via Canvas.

if i am researching how people use the love emoji when they say i love you, why is the emoji needed?

if i am researching the disconnect in in-person conversation, what age group must i research?

are emojis the real example of human facial expressions?

are only some people aware of this dissconect. if i study the disconnect should i research couples? what gender?

if i research how often the average american talkson the phone, will this add to my paper?

is advertising now only visual as well?

does having a phone to socialize on make humans feels sociable when they are alone?

are humans recreating emojis or are emojis recreating human actions. did emojis create any new trends of visual communication

behavior and cigarettes act as links? behavior can be acted through visuals?

can we really teach science with emoji visuals? are they more effective than words and oral speaking?

do humans associate more with their real personality or their online persona? how do others see them?

is this a real emotion? why do people use this so often?

can a visual replace words efficently?

if i investigate human facial expressions how can i accumulate culture?

do people accumulate themselves with the emojis they send to others?



how have apple products such as the ihpone changed human race?


can nonverbal and visual communication help people associate across the globe?

how can culture tie in to iphone communication? do all cultures use it the same? do some cultures use emojis less and why?

are new forms of communicating ruining behavior socially between people. wheren can i find information on communication lacking in those who are groqing up with these devices.

where did emojis originate and how can i relate that culture to american culture.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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