Juanli Carrion – Studio Visit: IS2

Alicia Quinn

Int Studio 2

Juan Licarrion.com

Website Review


Outerseed shadows:

How does an open garden stay clean and healthy? Especially if it is free to take from?


Opus 12:

Why do you believe politics are an act? Is  it due to the hand gestures and movements or due to its practice of what they will say?


Onstage: why were these specific sights chosen?


BNRW: do you think this project would have been different if you typed things into google in a different country since different countries monitor different things online?


UN-Dramatics: why was the chosen media video?


10.21-23: how was this filmed?


KEI-SEKI: where were these located?


Brightext: which caught the most serious attention?


Atlas Shrugged: are they lit up behind the photo?


Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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