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May 7th 2018.

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Since last week i have made new painting icons and added more sentences. i created a cover for my game board box. the box i made from an old i-pad box. i painted it. i will put the cover on top. i created the instructions and rules as well.

new cards



Cover of box:

A struggle for me since last class has been that i broke my laptop and lost my files and had to remake them. I also have no printing money left for school printers.

since last class i have researched poverty in america. i also added my new cards being based on poverty.

I would say to get these in card form and to finish the box i will need about 5 more hours to create this.

i must put a divider in the box for the two sets of cards.

I am planning on setting up my game on a table. set up like 4 friends hanging out. a table cloth and 4 cups. some snacks in a bowl and the game.

4 students will sit down and try to play the game with reading the direction sheet.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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