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I have been in my Media class for about 5 weeks now. We discuss topics such as social media and self-identity through social media. How social media is changing the way humans view the world. We have been reading The Transparency of Society by Byung-Chul Han and discussing that book in class The largest thing I have taken away from this class so far is how humans are so engulfed in a fake world. People can pick and choose what they post, giving them a “self-made” persona. Their online profile is nothing like their real persona. Since people do this, they are living in a world where they have two personalities. One is polished and the other is real.

There is also a form of transparency in this world. Where people can’t keep their lives private. They must put it on a platform for ANYONE to see. People spill out their thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, their job, wife, husband, kids, work, car, cat, dog. You can find out one’s life without even meeting them. Where has privacy gone?

We have had conversations about “influencers” on social media. These are people that live for their fake persona. They drop their real life to platform a fake one just for followers and money. It’s sad that one “influencer” came to speak to our class and when we asked him if he lost anything from doing this his first thought he said out-loud was “do you mean like followers?”. We then said no like friends, and he said yes he lost many. Which is sad! Why did he trade real friends for followers and NOT CARE??

I have realized I am perceived in two ways as well. One way through social media and one way through face to face interaction. I polish myself on social media just like everyone else and I now see it in a new way. I see it in a way that it makes no sense why I perceive myself differently online than in person.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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