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I have been stuck on what attracts humans to

flowers. Why are they so aesthetically pleasing to the eye and nose? What is it about their lifespan? The way they bloom and wither? What is it about their poetic way of speaking to humans? What is it about flowers that makes people see them as poetry?




Then I have realized all my life, I have been using

flowers to symbolize my feelings and my life position. I relate flowers to my life in every way possible. I always compare my-self to nature and I think most often do as well. It’s why humans look at flowers as decoration, why we steal them from the ground to keep with us. It’s why we have plants in our homes, why we give flowers to loved ones, why we put them in our hair, put them on our skin in tattoo form.



I often get words stuck in my head.

Similar to how one gets songs stuck in theirs.



The only word.


It filled my mind

My lungs

It softened my tissue

Weakened my bones

Traveled from my roots

To my petal tips

I began to wilt


My stem was bending

My core

Almost reaching grass

The drops from life

All nutrients around me

Seemed to draw nowhere near


Today the word regrowth

I can’t help but see it

As a sign of needing to

Plant myself elsewhere.



Starting with a poem I created, expressing my feelings towards plants, I will experiment with real plants. This poem discusses how a human can began to feel sick in life from their surroundings being toxic. The only way to get better is by starting new, moving, giving nutrients to their body and life by adding more positivity. When feeling frail, better your situation to better yourself. There are better situations available.

In this plant experiment I will put 3 plants in the same environment but in different situations. Each plant will be at a different height and length away from the sunlight (my window). I will display the outcome of the plants on pedestals that are the height at which I placed them in my room. I will then display a sign that tells of the distance away from the sunlight (window). These pedestals will be displayed in front of a fake window for gallery space purpose only.

First Idea Sketch


Along with this gallery, each person entering the space must write a poem or free write about the piece relating it to personal feelings. However long they would like to make it, but it must be 5 words at minimum.

This poetry aspect of my piece makes the viewer think about the piece and the plants on a deeper level than just being plants. It makes the viewer interact with the plant and it makes them relate to the plant thinking of themselves as the plant. They then will have to place the poem in a box and leave it there because the moment cannot exceed the piece.  Like flowers, they can only be experienced for a small amount of time, and like my feelings that come from plants, they are temporary. THE MAKING PROCESS:


First I designed a poster that I screen print using a silk screen. I needed 1.) TW Graphics pigment for silkscreen 2.) Photo emulsion for silkscreen 3.) Screen reclaimer for silkscreen 4.) Gamsol 5.) Lithography inks 6.) Etching inks 7.) Plate developer for photo lithography 8.) Gum arabic and tannic acid for lithography 9.) Ferric acid for etching 10.) Rags for clean up. 11.) Paper

I print on an Inkjet Positive Film then transfered the imageed to screen printing silkscreen.


I made the poster in illustrator, then imported to

photoshop to export as greyscale for the positive inkjet printer.


I purchased 3 white pedestals to place the plants on in my room and for the display. A 2.5 foot, and two 3 feet.


I purchased 3 of the same flowers and placed them on each pedestal in the same room.


The flowers were given the same amount of water. The only difference in the plants were how uch sun they were receiving due to distance away from the window.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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