Privacy and Publicity

Private and public spaces are constantly around us. Even when we are in public, we have the private things about us. As social media lovers, humans have become prone to exposing themselves online. We post photos of our every-day life, exposing where we are at all times. Our locations are on our phones for people to see where we live, work, and spend time. By exposing private actions to the public, I have learned much about what privacy is and what would happen if I took those things and exposed them to the public. Those things became something similar to a show. People laughed as if it was comical. What if they were filmed in a private space though? Would those watching the film find it as comical as they did when it was acted in the park? I think not. We expose ourselves online and it is not comical but exposing our privacy in public is comical. People want privacy from others, but they continue to expose their life. What is the difference between hidden privacy and shown privacy? We think privacy is controlling what to post but in reality, we are still exposing the privacy. This section has taught me a lot about what I put out in the world. That anyone can find out so much about me and my life even if I do not know them. They can find me on Facebook and see my school, area I live, who my family is, and who my friends are. My selfies make strangers able to see inside my house. Google maps allows strangers to see in my house. And my phone allows strangers to find the location of my house. We. Never. Have. Privacy.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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