Museum Visit

This museum visit was very interesting for me. It was interactive because many of the museum art pieces were there for people to interact and learn things easily, rather than just hearing something boring you got the chance to touch, experience and play with the things there. The most interesting part for me was a “sculpture” that was rotating and when the lights would go on and off you could see a hand catching a grenade but if the lights were on you couldn’t tell what it was. It was very interesting that our brains needed a little “break” to understand things and make sense of them.

Another thing that I learned at the museum was how the film music and sound fx were created and how complex that process was to make the movie sound real. An interesting fact will always stick to my mind is that in the Titanic when the ship was sinking the sound of the metal was really just some elephant noises. That was very interesting to me.

The elements that completed a sound track were: the music, sound fx, the voices of the actors, and background people or noises.

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