Bridge 2 – Talking Pictures: Pictorially Fake Talking Your Reality

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Alisa Dudaj and Lamie Doan


In the studio class, Lamie and Alisa started a project that was inspired by an exhibition at the MET museum. The exhibition is called “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists” and it features 12 pairs of artist that collaborated to share visual conversations between one another. Although the artists were all doing the same idea  of sending pictures back and forth, each pairs came up with their own unique ideas that display their individuality and the medias that best showcased their talent. Lamie partnered up with Alisa and they took turns to converse photos for 18 days. However there was a twist, that had to alter their pictures in some way to make them fake. Lamie and Alisa tried their best to keep up with the routine of one picture a day so that the mood of the photos flow smoothly and consistently. The theme they picked fun and not so serious. They were focusing more on the photo content than the aesthetic.


Lamie Doan (Vietnamese, born August 25th, 1998)  a freshman who is planning to study Illustration at Parsons (The New School), the class of 2021. He often enjoys working with portraiture drawings and cartoon illustration.


Alisa Dudaj (Albanian, born August 13th, 1998) a freshman who is planning to study Fashion Design at Parsons (The New School), the class of 2021. She is known for her creative fashion taste.

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