The Relics Chapel at the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer

My group and I choose the Church of the Holy Redeemer. It wasn’t our choice but the other place we picked was closed. We randomly decided to choose this church. It wasn’t a very big church and it didn’t look like a tourist place because it was very empty and there was a reception and there weren’t that many people. The reception was held in Spanish.

It was a very interesting church with an interesting story behind it. It is a baroque styled church and it has 150 saint relics and also a real life size wax body of a saint (St. Datian) which holds inside his real skeleton. This is the first church in America to have a saint skeleton sent to. This Relic was sent to them in 1892, but was later connected with a death of police officer who was shot trying to chase a man who stole from the church, however this happened in 1987. People till 1940s would talk and say that the skeleton inside the wax body was the one of the cop.

This church, when it was first built it was mostly to “serve” the German community of that area since is known as “Little Germany”.

Here is video of the church and the reception happening.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the first audio you can hear the priest saying the prayers during the reception.

In the second one in the noise of the fans that they turned on before the reception.

In the third one you can’t hear nothing just the clicks that the camera makes (when Joyce was taking photos).

In the last one there are people singing.

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