Final Progress – Progress and Production Schedule

Inspiration photos:

Image result for 11 janari protestaImage result for 11 janari protesta

Image result for protesta ne tiraneImage result for piramida tirane protesta

Image result for komunizmi ne shqiperi

Image result for komunizmi ne shqiperi

Image result for anija per itali

Video inspiration:


Concept Writing:

My concept was to make a video about Albania. It isn’t a perfect country it has a lot of flaws but Albanians are trying to make it a better country. These past few years the tourism has flourish, and I wanted to show why that happened. New things are being built, Infrastructure is changing. Another reason why I choose this topic is because I have lived there my entire life and it is very familiar to me and I will really enjoy working on it.

Initial Process Ideas:

I wanted to start the video off with some “historical events” videos and photos and probably the voice of my dad or grandmother in the background telling stories from their life in relationship with those events. The rest it will be videos of mainly Tirana and the life there I am still not sure if I will Include videos taken in other parts of Albania.


November/29 – The majority of the videos will be collected and see if there is need for more footage.

December/6 – A Rough draft of the video will be ready and see if it makes sense how it looks chronologically.

December/13 – An improved Draft Hopefully ready to be finalized.

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