Practicing Visual Research – Part I of Bridge 4

in our Studio class we were asked to find a stereotype and create a meme based on that specific stereotype. In the beginning I wanted to choose a stereotype based on Albanians but it was kind of difficult and I couldn’t find a lot of stereotypes that were good enough to create memes. So one day I went out with one of my friends and we decided to go eat dinner together, and when we finished I payed but when the waiter came he asked my friend if he needed any change and I was the one that responded and it was an awkward situation. In my country it is different if a woman pays the man gets offended (that has happened to me), but I thought here it would be different. I guess this is because always man pay on “dates” but in this case it wasn’t a date and when a man(or a woman) pays for the meal all the time it becomes very weird. However, I don’t think its very complicated to understand that woman want to pay too.

I started by searching for photos but I wasn’t satisfied until I found one that I liked and looked cool.This doesn’t really illustrate my idea and it makes it more confusing…

So I decided to go with something more personal.

This was much better. After communicating with Bryan he gave me some good advice and I ended up fixing some things to make it look better.

Thanks to Bryan’s advice I added the white background behind the words so it is easier to read. In the final piece I added a question mark because my brother told me that it would illustrate my idea better and more clear.

In the end I used 4 colors: yellow (first), orange (second), blue (third) and purple (last). I wanted to add red too I think it would have looked better but the printer would smudge the colors because they still aren’t dried. However, I like how it turned out I wish the printer didn’t smudge right in the middle of the piece but I guess that is what happens when you use a risograph.


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