Bridge 2: Fashion Lookbook

I decided to do my project about my grandfather Gafur Dudaj. He is the most determined person I know and the best example of: “with hard work, you can achieve everything.” In class, my mood board had very cool tones but when I was doing more research when I got home I understood that communism in Albania was a big part of my grandfather’s life and it has affected him a lot. So I added a color which represents communism, red. I also added a picture of Enver Hoxha (dictator during communism), a protest where people wanted democracy, and an old truck. I think that my mood board looks complete now.

My first idea was to create a simple “normal” very minimal book. After we went to The Centre for Book Arts I got inspired to do something more. In my last Studio Class, I made book art without knowing that was a thing, so I got inspiration from that project. I would like to make my book out of clear vinyl and create a clear pocket in which I will fill it in with fabric or photos that I got the inspiration from. I will try making a prototype as soon as I can to see if it works. I am still not sure how many pages it will have I think this will depend on how fast I can make one page and if it looks good (and if I can have a double-sided page since it will be clear vinyl). The pages I want them to be squares because I like that aesthetic for this project.


A page from a book I made. Made out of 2 clear PVC sheets and soap mixed with acrylic paint inside the PVC “pocket”.

I added some quotes but I didn’t like the way they looked since I was working with clear vinyl.

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