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I wanted my monument to represent a revolution in Albania. My country used to communist for a very long time, till 1990. There is a monument that showed the communist era but I don’t think it really represents a change a revolution it represents history. And I don’t think it is good to remind people of the people they lost and the sufferings they went through. That is why I wanted to design a minimal big arch that represents how big the change was from being isolated for many years and where we are today. The monument that is already there just reminds people of a dark era and I think it is better to make something that shows change and hope.
I wanted my monument to be in a park. This park is located in the center of the capital Tirana. The park is very big but its a place everyone goes to during different celebrations or holidays. I think it’s the perfect spot for it to be.
I want it to be constructed out of the same material or maybe stone because I like the feeling that it gives people that its heavy. I think the material emphasizes how important this time period was in Albania. I want young people to walk through it sit on it take pictures.

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