Week 1 – Fashion Studies

I choose these aphorisms from the reading:

“Fashion moves in space and time. It shares in the complexity…”

I choose this one because I think it is important for us to understand that fashion isn’t shallow and it is so much more than just some beautiful designs. Fashion is complex because one needs to understand the human body and then design something that is in harmony with it. I think that the point that the author is trying to make with this quote is that fashion is broader than we think and also it is a mix of different things. It is a mix of science and art. In a documentary called “The True Cost” I learned how many things are affected by fashion and how cotton seeds are being genetically modified to produce more cotton, this shows how science is connected to fashion.

“Fashion is intensly personal…”

I choose this quote because  I think that fashion is affected by the things that surround us. By studying fashion we study the state of mind that people were at that certain time and how different time periods affected the way the designers created and designed clothes.



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