Interview Reflection


When I first decided to interview my brother Daniel I wanted to learn more and also understand how two people of different genders who were raised almost the same have different dress practices. After reading and learning more about this topic walking into the closet and starting the interview I tried to notice all the little details that I had never noticed before. The first theme that I was first introduced with was active clothing, because my brother hangs his uniform behind the bedroom door so it’s easily accessible and also the clothes he would wear during the weekends he has in his drawers so he can just grab it and go. My brother loves to sleep as much as possible in the morning so he puts all the things he has to wear on top of eachother depending on the order that he wears them. This was something I never noticed before and also I don’t do that. I usually put all my things in the closet and in the morning I just pick stuff depending on my mood. After the interview I understood that everyone forms their own dress practice depending on their priorities and the things they do during the day. I learned that Daniel cared more about his sleep and how comfortable the clothes were rather than looking stylish. Another thing I found out was that he enjoyed wearing his uniform because that saved him time and also he doesn’t have to think to pick stuff and see how they look.

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