Final Topic Proposal/Topic Choices

Deputy Sheriff Bartley Brown of East Los Angeles inspects the haircut of prisoner Alex “Largo” Rodriguez, who is wearing an $85.00 zoot suit June 7, 1943. (AP Photo)

(information from  AP Images)

I choose this photo because I find it interesting and I would like to learn more in depth about this topic. I also find the silhouette of the suit interesting.

Soldier, sailors and marines who roamed the street of Los Angeles, June 7, 1943, looking for hoodlums in zoot suits, stopped this streetcar during their search. Crowds jammed downtown streets to watch the service men tear clothing off the zoot suiters they caught. (AP Photo)

(information from  AP Images)

I choose this photo again for the same reasons as the first. However, this shows the conflict between the people who wore the zoot suit and the ones that didn’t.

Noe Vasquez, left, 18, and Joe Vasquez, 18, unrelated to Noe, reported to Los Angeles, Calif., police they were seized by sailors who tore peg-topped trousers, although one youths wore overalls over them, June 12, 1943. Police said the sailors may have been passing through the city since the area where the attack allegedly occurred was an “out of bounds area for the Navy.” (AP Photo)

(information from  AP Images)

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