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Bridge 3: Collective Exploration

Exploring Ai Wei Wei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

My notes:

Washington Square Park

  • 3 different groups of people playing folk music
  • One of the larger (possibly the largest) of the pieces in “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”
  • Lights on either side of the base
  • Mirror inside
  • Attracts a crowd, including tourists and children
  • Looks like a bird cage. Brings to question cage vs fence
  • Shape in center seems random
  • Minimizes the number of people that can walk through arch

Cooper Union

  • Next to crime scene
  • Less interactive than the piece in Washington Square Park
  • This one blends more with the pre-existing architecture
  • Blocks are but not entrances


  • There are fences all throughout NYC: a Political Commentary n the immigrant crisis, the proposed wall, and the refugee crisis
  • Neither one of these would make particularly good fences
  • Both are inside arches



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