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Context Exploration: Gender

Theme: Gender (sex, androgyny, LGBTQX, oppression)

MOMA Learning on ‘Constructing Gender’

Gender identity evolving through art

Exploring & researching gender in famous works of art

Roy Lichtenstein’s lover talks about their relationship. “He wanted to make women cry”. 

The New York Times  “Roy Lichtenstein, a Painter Who Adored Women”

Exploring & researching gender in my own work

Gender is a complex topic but society often flatten it to men and women. Many people then use their 2-d perception of gender to force other people into categories and label them. This happens even in groups that should know much better, like LGBT spaces.
The inspiration for my topic comes from my bi friend being told her sexuality is not valid, in part because she is feminine and society has this idea that feminine women are immediately straight and queer women have to be ‘tom-boyish’. As a queer woman, it’s an issue I take very seriously.

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