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Museum of the Moving Image Response

Link to Google Doc

Chosen Work: Delbert the LaChoy Dragon (1965)

Copy of the text portion of the Google Doc:

            The piece of work that I chose from the Museum of the Moving Image was a puppet from the Jim Henson exhibit. I’ve been really interested in the idea of making puppets recently, sparked by being excited for 3D next semester and my best friend giving me a small duck hand puppet, so I loved the Jim Henson exhibit.

          The puppet I chose was Delbert the LaChoy Dragon created in 1965. I chose Delbert the LaChoy Dragon because of the fact that it was created for advertising. It was made to be used in commercials for LaChoy Chow Mein. Advertising seems to be a huge part of the career options for art graduates and I’m interested in the space where art and advertising overlap.

          The puppet is made from fleece fabric, felt, plastic, flocked self-adhesive vinyl, foam, and duvetyne. This version of the puppet is pretty large but Henson built an even larger one the following year, he made a full body version of the puppet so that it would be easier to control. It was one of Henson’s first full body puppets, but certainly not his last. Puppets, especially large furry and fleece puppets that Henson was known for bringing out a goofy side of people. The people at the exhibit ranged from high school to middle ages yet everyone seemed both amused and entertained by the puppets and the interactive aspects of the exhibit. The exhibit was incredibly effective. Out of the whole museum I spent the most time in that exhibit, looking at all the pieces, envision future puppets that I want to make, and playing around and watching other people play around with the interactive parts of the exhibit. The exhibit really showed how much joy puppets like Delbert the LaChoy Dragon, the Muppets, and the puppets from Sesame Street bring to people.


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