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The Occult

My mask in the real world


Changes made to the mask after Sep 10th


Pictures of my mask as of September 10th

Inside the mask

Original photos wearing the mask


For my piece of text, I chose the poem Masks by Shel Silverstein

The poem goes:

She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
They passed right by-
And never knew.

The poem is accompanied by an image of two people wearing oversized face masks. I chose the poem because my project is a large mask (significantly larger than my own head) based on my own head, that highlights some of my insecurities. In the poem, by hiding their insecurities behind their masks the two people miss out on being able to meet other people like them. It speaks to how when you spend all your time hiding your insecurities you miss out. So instead of hiding my insecurities behind a big mask, I made a big mask to highlight my insecurities.

What this piece reveals about me

The most obvious insecurity exaggerated by the mask is my teeth, mainly the fact that my 2 front teeth are noticeably chipped. On top of the chips, I had braces when I was younger but didn’t wear my retainer long enough so my teeth have moved back to being crooked (not as crooked as they were before braces, but crooked). I also exaggerated my chin because I’ve never been a fan of the cleft I have, even though it’s not that noticeable. Like my teeth, the chin is probably something people wouldn’t notice immediately on my own face, but I wanted to use this project to highlight some of my insecurities about my self. I made the hair brown and red because I’m naturally a brunette and I dyed my hair red for years. I dyed my hair for years and red is the color that I had the longest, because of that even though my hair isn’t red at the moment it still feels like part of my identity. It also highlights how for years I hated my hair being just brown because I felt that it was boring. The piece also exaggerates an eyeliner scar I have under my left eye, the messiness of my eyebrows, and the way my features are distributed on my face.

Work in Progress Pictures

Historical pretext and research

Paper mache masks and masks of the type often seem to be round, but I wanted to give my mask a more natural head shape. I also wanted to make the mask look simular to the way I draw people. So I was trying to find a way to make the material fit my style.

I was definitely  thinking of the frank mask while working, it’s my go to example of a paper mache mask. I was thinking more along the lines of Donnie Darko for the teeth though. I also was thinking a bit about the look of ancient roman masks and the way that they are proportioned and the way they transform the viewer. I also love the shape of the eyes that both the Roman mask and Frank have, its simular to how I draw people and fits in perfectly with my project.


I attempted a work in progress animation after Hazel mentioned it but did not have the time to complete it. It is still part of the progress of the project.

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