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The Antihero




Alp and Jim (named after two of the Four Guards in Labyrinth) were trapped in one body. They were two opposing forces being forced to take turns with who got to use their body. Alph’s shoplifting and speeding caused conflict with Jim’s charity work and superiority complex. They decided they couldn’t keep living that way so they called upon their local freelance genie to separate them so that they wouldn’t have to constantly fight over their one mortal form. The genie being a tricky little immortal entity only separated them halfway condemning them to a lifetime of being trapped together at the waist.


Work In Progress



-Merriam Webster of ‘Antihero’ – a protagonist or notable figure who is conspicuously lacking in heroic qualities

-Marvel sentry – A hero who is also his own biggest villain. In the comic volume (The Sentry: Reborn), I read he claimed to have locked The Void (his evil half) in a vault in the basement but it was then revealed that he only had a mirror locked inside and would go down there and talk to himself. At one point they are separated from each other by some comic book magic type stuff but other than that they are just one person.
I wasn’t a fan of the graphic novel itself but the concept of a hero who does as much bad as good is pretty cool.

-Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde –

-The ‘Four Guards’ from Labyrinth – A Knights and Knaves riddle where only one of the two is telling the truth

-I also looked into making swazzles but left it till last minute (since it wasn’t part of my concept) and ran out of time


Animals Interrupting My Work


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