Bridge 3.4 Makeathon

This process was challenging for me, as I already felt like I knew the direction I wanted the piece to go. It did, however, make me realize a few new key components to incorporate into my design, and solidified what I wanted my final product to look like. We didn’t have as much time to work on these as we originally expected, so I only was able to make 5 prototypes instead of 10. Additionally, we didn’t have time to receive feedback on them. I realized that it’s important for my installation to be visually appealing, intriguing to people who are passing by, and needs to have some sort of feature that creates a feeling of safety or calmness. From what I understand, we don’t need to actually produce these to finish the project. So, my next steps would be making a better prototype, and better flushing out the sequence of steps and prompts I want the strangers to follow.

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