GreenGoal – Sustainable Systems Final

Artist Statement:

My final project consists of an app based system that integrates with existing and future smart home products. GreenGoal connects with various wifi and bluetooth enabled smart sensors in someone’s home to lead towards a more sustainable home. The app is based off of the fact that while 70% of the United States agree that climate change is a pressing issue, very few people are willing to make daily changes in their life to help combat this issue. By creating an app that easily updates people on their environmental impact, the awareness that is needed will become a daily habit and easy choice for people to make.

The user would begin by inputting their household specific data into the app. This would include how many people reside in the home, their ages, weights, and any dietary restrictions. Additionally, any specific or unique characteristics of the  home – pets, large power drawing devices such as health monitoring equipment, etc. – would be inputted to provide the system with an accurate map of the power that was needed to sustain the family. The app could then draw from existing data to estimate how much of each resource the home would need.

From the homescreen, the user can access water, temperature, energy, food, and their daily report. The daily report is a quick, overall summary of how the household is doing on meeting their sustainability goals. If one area is suffering more than others, than tips for helping to cut down resource use would be provided. If someone desired more detailed information on any of the resources, they could click into that specific resource and learn more about their usage. For example, if electrical power usage was especially high for the day, they could explore the reports from their different sensors and determine that the oven was left on all day and was drawing unnecessary power. Likewise, because of individual water faucet sensors, a parent could determine that the sink in their child’s bathroom is being used too much and could ask their child about the issue.

GreenGoal is not about creating a culture of shame or anxiety regarding personal sustainability. A large part about what make it successful is recognizing that adopting sustainable practices are hard, and take time to adjust to. It aims to positively support individuals and families in their move towards a more sustainable future.



Final product:



Systems Map:

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