Bridge 2

For my map from our derive at the Oculus, I have chosen to map the systems of the people walking into the space by the majority, the systems of stores, and the systems of movement. The splattered dots represents where the majority of people stay when they go inside the Oculus and how the tourist aren’t really aware of what this space is and just go in for a picture. The green panels on the sides are the representation of the stores inside the Oculus and how poorly frequented they are. They kind of exist just because they can but don’t really fulfill a greater purpose. No one seems to really be shopping there and they are only along the side of the space. The gradient dots represent where the mast movement is occurring in the space, the movement coming from the people who are experimenting and trying to figure out the space or the people who are using the space because they know exactly where they are going. i fin that the people using this space as a train station know where they need to go and move quicker than those who think it is a shopping mall. Overall, the space serves a different function for every person depending on their knowledge of the space and how they decide to sue it.

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