Week 2 (9.4.18): Memoir as a Form of Art

Significant Places of Childhood.

  • the ice cream shop on the corner of my grandparents home in China
    • the place of my first memory
  • the living rooms where my friends and I would play cards or board games
    • the places where I felt 100% like myself
  • Thrifty’s ice cream in Rite Aid
    • whenever I did well at a piano lesson my dad would take me here as a reward
    • the place I always went when my friends and I wanted ice cream
  • Del Mar beach at sunset
    • the happiest day of my life

Imaginary Art Project

  • Let’s pretend that augmented reality has developed to the point where we can create a hologram. Now imagine you are walking into a museum where the ground walls and ceilings are white. As you reach the center of the emptiness, the show begins. Within each room is a projected reality of the places above. While nothing is tangible, you can still walk around the experiences my memories. Sound is included. And once you have toured the entire room, come back to the center, signalling that you are ready to proceed into the next room where a different place awaits.

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