Bridge 2 Project Proposal and Documentation

The concept for our utopia is based on having an immersive experience. We want the viewers to be a part of our expression of humanity and diversity while still in an accepting space. My partner and I have constructed a space filled with the silhouettes of people we’ve met and gotten to know around campus and the surrounding community. All the silhouettes are equal but when the lights go out and the black lights come on, their individuality is brought to light. This comments on the unity of our utopia, how we are al the same despite our backgrounds and physical features. To add to the immersion and welcoming of the viewers, we plan to include a revolving chair in the center so that the person can see all of the portraits while being invited in as if conversing and getting to know them casually as a part of our utopian world. The ambiance will be accented by calming music played from a Bluetooth speaker


Due to our great ambition in creating such a big installation, we were perpetually under extreme time crunches and deadlines to finish the piece. In order to create an immersive environment for the viewers, our first plan was to create 48 silhouette portraits. However, due to expensive and time issues we ended up only creating 24 portraits, replaces the rest of the empty space with a mirror type of paper. This idea allowed us to not only save time but to further immerse the viewer as they can now see themselves amount the people through the mirrors.

Final Version:

Artist Statement

The piece my partner and I created is meant to represent our version of a Utopia we believe would make the world a better place. As you walk into our 360 degrees immersive installation you are supposed to see difference silhouettes of strangers. These faceless people represent the idea that no matter what your race, gender, sexuality is, we are all the same: we are people. However, once the lights are turned off and we turn on the black light, the images come to life, revealing each person’s individuality. This brings up the idea that even though we are all still people, one cannot just ignore each person’s backgrounds. Having no discrimination in the world is not about ignoring what is different between each individual, but embracing that fact that we are not the same yet the same. The view is supposed to see both ideas come together as one, and feel content with it.

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