Bridge Project 3: Horror Film Poster

Topics we discussed when coming to this conclusion:



The Babadook

The silence of the Lambs

It Follows

Considering not using the concept of a cyborg

Turing Test

Final thoughts:

Ex Machina-Frankenstein fuse

Considering a plot where a scientist creates a machine, but the machine is killing people to find the emotions of people. Tries to take body parts, organs from other people in an attempt to be more human, ultimately fails, in the end, takes the creators brain. In an attempt to become more human, the machine actually builds new DNA and becomes a new species.  In this process to become human the previously made machine, now a new species, has destroyed human DNA and completely starts a new brand of species. We thought in lieu of our class theme itself, we could play off the idea of the avatar, by fooling around with the character’s persona. The storyline would be kept simple as would the design of the poster, to really emphasize on the actual behavior of the character. A scientist creates a cyborg programmed to try to learn and be as human as possible. The cyborg first starts off very timid, learning human interactions and compiling data in order to act more human. However after a while, it becomes obsessed with becoming “truly” human so it begins to go on a rampage, taking physical and emotional characteristics from people. The cyborg is very high tech so it can take peoples memories and behaviors but retards the person in the process. It also surgically removes limbs and other physical things off people’s bodies to attach to her own. The creature, now a new being, kills off all the scientists in the lab and at the very end replaces her computer brain with the brain of the original scientist that create her. She ultimately reaches clairvoyance and becomes a superior being before exiting the lab and facing the real world. We feel that the overall takeaway from a story like this would ultimately challenge “What is the most perfect living form?”. How do we know that having these human characteristics and body will give a better quality of life? The message, although this film would never come to life, is that though it is a false reality where a robot could do this, the concept isn’t entirely too off track from what people do today via plastic surgery or face tuning themselves digitally to provide a false sense of “improvement”. People today feel obligated to alter some form of their appearance in the pursuit of bettering emotional health very similar to the machine in our story’s pursuit of a more authentic human experience.

Group: Amber, Chloe, Jackson & Sara

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Character Sketches and Layout

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