Bridge Project 4: Sound Portrait


  • Cleopatra
  • Mozart
  • Diane Arbus
  1. Martin Luther King
  2. Little Red Riding Hood
  3. Robin Hood
  4. Joan of Arc
  5. Moses
  6. Lilith
  7. Caesar
  8. Cleopatra
  9. Nefertiti
  10. Aphrodite
  11. Ares
  12. Athena
  13. Zeus
  14. Satan
  15. God
  16. Murakami
  17. Ishiguro
  18. Tanizaki
  19. Kate Spade
  20. Mozart
  21. Marie Antoinette
  22. Shakespeare
  23. Romeo
  24. Juliet
  25. Walt Disney
  26. Mickey mouse
  27. Ariel
  28. Dracula
  29. Mulan
  30. Snow white
  31. Queen Elizabeth
  32. Queen Victoria
  33. King Henry VII
  34. Chairmen mao
  35. Tchaikovsky
  36. Bach
  37. Beethoven
  38. Yo yo ma
  39. Lang Lang
  40. Kim Kardashian
  41. Obama
  42. Trump
  43. Coco Chanel
  44. Melissa Mui
  45. Ashley Kim
  46. Sharon Cheng
  47. Michael Phelps
  48. Harry Potter
  49. Steve Jobs
  50. George Washington


Project Proposal:

For this sound portrait, I wanted to portray and bring awareness to mental health by studying a person who struggled with on. After some time looking around, I found Diane Arbus, an amazing photographer who suffered from depression to the point where she took her own life. Like one of my previous pieces, I want this piece to be a fully immersive experience. For the sound portrait itself, I want the listener to be overwhelmed. I plan to start with softer, quieter sounds, and slowly build it up to a cacophony before it abruptly ends. The installation will be made using black and white photographs I take myself that are printed very big. I want the photos to be of the darker part of NYC, adding to the effects of the recording.

I would post a sketch of my project idea, but I am basically just posting giant photographs on the wall.


Research Map

Audio Mood Board

  • NYC Streets
  • Camera Clicks
  • Polaroid Clicks
  • Shutter speed variation
  • Adjusting camera lens
  • People talking in a crowd
  • Circus Music
  • Doon Arbus Interview
  • Dian Arbus talking (voice actor)
  • Lisette Model Interview

Installation Adjectives and Sketches

  1. Overwhelming
  2. suspenseful
  3. chaotic
  4. indistinguishable
  5. building
  6. abrupt
  7. big
  8. black and white
  9. simplistic
  10. thought provoking


  1. Diane Arbus
  2. David Wojnarowicz
  3. Larry Louie

Installation Idea

Interview Clips

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