ASSIGNMENT #13 – 3 TED Talks + Observation

Cradle to Cradle Design

  • While I like and understanding where McDonough is coming from, seeing what the world is like today, I feel as though his vision is too idealistic and far-fetched. Global warming and waste production is still a huge issue we still have not solved so it makes me wonder how much people like him really do to prevent these things from becoming irreversible.
  • Looking at the things around me, I feel that the NYC sewer system should be the first thing to adopt the cradle to cradle design. Seeing as every wet season, the sewers overflow, contaminating our streets as well as the rivers around us, we definitely need to hop onto this issue and fix it. Another place would be the concrete sidewalks we have. Once they have crumbled to the point where it is unable to be used, we should have a better process of fixing it rather than just digging it out from the ground and replace it with new cement.

Grow Your Own Clothes

  • I admire how she is striving to find an alternative way to create clothing than just the conventional fabrics, but it would have liked to see her present with more than just what she had in this video. At the moment it seems as though there hasn’t really been a solution to any problem since the bacteria-grown fabric is not only not water resistant, it doesn’t seem to be high quality either.


  • The idea of Biomimicry is really intriguing to me because it gives humans a sense of humility, that we aren’t the best species on earth, that there is so much more we can learn from the animals around us. It allows us to progress farther than we could by just relying on our own brains along because only when you stand on the shoulders of other can you truly be taller than the rest.
  • We see these kinds of innovation all the time in everyday life. From planes having wings like birds and buildings having structures like beehives.

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