BRIDGE 4: Sound Portrait

The inspiration I used to create this was Diane Arbus. A troubled photographer, Arbus spent her life shedding light on the weirder, darker side of society. Taking pictures of dwarves, nudist, drag queens, Arbus was a revolutionary that made that extreme normal. However, throughout her life, she was burdened with depression which ultimately led to her tragic suicide at the age of 48. This sound portrait embodies her struggles that led up to that point. The heartbeat in the background represents her life which abruptly ends with the rest of the recording. The camera shutter represents her passion for photography. The layer of voice ties into her interest in meeting new people. The first voice is her (rather her words since we don’t have a live recording of the real her). The other voice layered on are artists that I know or have heard of talking about art as a medium to create change. As the voice jumble together you began to stop hearing individuals but rather a cacophony, demonstrating the chaotic and overwhelming state of Arbus’s life. The sounds all end abruptly with the camera shutter being the last thing you hear to establish her demise which was sudden and very tied with her photography career.

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