What happens when two Parsons students come to Paris Paris for the year, see an open call for submission, and their work gets selected to be on show at the Tate Britain in London? We chatted with Amina Suleimanagich (Strategic Design and Management) & Lauren Gulotta (Fashion Design) about collaboration, glitch art, and the excitement of being part of Loud Tate!

Image above: Loud Tate. Photo copyright: Yemisi Blake

How do you know each other?
Amina Suleimanagich (AS) & Lauren Gulotta (LG): We were assigned as roommates. The first day we met we put our desks together, and from that day forward we naturally started collaborating on projects and discovering new things together.

Amina and Lu at the Tuileries this fall during Parsons Paris orientation.

How did you hear about the opportunity to show your work at the Tate?
AS: My boyfriend, Irfan, in Bosnia told me about it and that I should send in my work. And then of course I told Lu [Lauren] that she should do it too.

Why did you decide to collaborate?
AS & LG: We didn’t really decide. Well actually, the past four months, we have been working side by side with artist Mel O’Callaghan [of Gallery Allen], and during that time we found it’s really easy for us to work together. We learn from and support one another through rough stages in our projects. We just had to trust each other from the beginning, and it naturally grew the more time we spent together.

Which came first? The work of art, or the call for entry?
AS & LG: The call for entry. Loud Tate provided us with five paintings to choose from; we coincidentally chose two of the same works and submitted them.

Loud Tate. Photo copyright: Yemisi Blake

Can you describe the work? What was the inspiration behind it? How long did it take to create?
AS: The work deals with image manipulation. With glitching, you don’t really know the exact outcome. You have an idea what it might look like, but you get a surprise each time. What really took the longest was choosing what works to send in.

LG: The idea of chance with every glitch. Unpredictable. I’m very intrigued by morphed photography, this unexpected randomness. When working with these images I like to keep it simple, I spot the glitch I like and I decide upon first instinct.


What was your reaction when you found out your work had been accepted?
AS & LG: We only started working with glitch art recently, so to have been accepted into competition like this was hard to believe.

Program from Tate Loud: 8 November 2014

Did you get to see it in person at the Tate Britain? What was that experience like?
AS & LG: Well, what’s insane about this whole event is that we had only applied in late October. During September, we bought our tickets to stay with our friend in November that happened to be the same weekend as the Loud Tate event. To have our work up in a notable museum such as the Tate: Britain left us feeling apart of something that we never really interacted with, until now.

Anything else you’d like to add
We recommend that other students apply to events or small competitions as we did because you learn more about yourself and how to grow as an artist/designer. No one can ever predict what is behind the next door.

Amina Suleimanagich:
Lauren Gulotta:


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